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I wanted to let you know that your presentation last Thursday night was excellent and provided me with some very practical tips on how i can make vendor finance work as an option for me on future property deals.

Thanks very much for the great content and sharing your knowledge. I know where to come in the future when I need a Vendor Finance contract drawn up!

Richard Williams

Hey Tony,

After completing my first transaction i would like to say thank you for exposing me to the real estate finance business. Thank you for opening my mind Im amazed from how creative u can become once u have these kind of tools in the back of your mind.

I have adopted the Robert Kiyosaki's cashflow approach to lock in all your profits upfront and to create a high ROE.

Looking forward to doing more deals but i have a big problem !!
I have too many buyers and not enough houses : )
Have a great weekend!

Royi Epshtein

I do like your heads of agreement form. It looks simple and easy to follow with all the relevant information.

Bronwyn O’Brien

Hi Tony,

I have just returned from the Sydney boot camp. I really enjoyed the legal paperwork sessions. Lets face it, the legal paperwork is the anchor that holds all these strategies together. They are a thing of beauty!

Thanks again Tony - you're a genius.

Brad Hill
Cooroy, Qld


May I compliment you on your comprehensive and informative website.
It is an excellent source of reference material for when my brain gets tied in a knot!

Neil Waldbaum

Just wanted to say thank you for your legal insights and strategies presented over the weekend. it was a fascinating few days and has opened my eyes up to a whole new world off opportunities.

Sean Lennon

Hi Tony I met you at the Boot Camp on the Gold Coast this past weekend. I must say it was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. It has given myself and my wife a real feeling of optimism for the future and the feeling that we will achieve all our dreams and goals. So thank you for contributing to this.

Paul Murphy and Brenda Moore

I'm really pleased I thought of vendor finance this afternoon because it gives me a better option....thanks soooo much for your help, it is much appreciated.


Thank you for your inspiration and guidance over the weekend. Our legal soup is becoming consommé thanks to you!

James and Victoria Chambers

I attended Rick Otton's boot camp last weekend.
Thank you for all the legal information you provided us.
It changed my mindset on all the possibilities of property transactions.

Tina Tran

I was at the seminars over the weekend with Rick. Thank you for the amazing advice that you gave and the help towards my understanding of the process, much appreciated!


Have been cruising around your site and like the clear explanations of each strategy that you give. We are just in the process of doing our first Deposit Finance Deal.


Chris and Rex

Hello Tony,

Just finished reading through all the documents and let me say that they are among the best of this type of agreement that I’ve read anywhere.

Bruce G Frame
Team LEVERAGE Master Business Coach

Hi Tony,

Thanks for giving us a better understanding on how costs are determined in court cases.
We appreciate receiving your clear explanation on this and it will better equip us next time.
The Board also wish to thank you for the way you have conducted this matter and for the successful defence of the claim.

Best Regards

Mike Lee
Movements International Movers, Sydney

Again thank you Tony. You are more than a solicitor to us. Your input/time/patience is not usually forthcoming from solicitors.

Joanne Slattery
Creative Concept Designs

Dear Tony,

Hugh and I just wanted to thank you for your time.
We have just received your invoice in the mail, and we both agree that it was money well spent. Thanks again.



Tony thanks for the prompt reply.

Looks like I have found myself a new solicitor! I have used a conveyancer in the past and they have been a bit incompetent. They settled a purchase for me and I later found out that the council rates on that property had not been paid for 2 years. Took me over a year to sort out the mess.

Many thanks


Dear Tony,

The stories have been a resounding success and maybe we should consider doing some follow-up ones down the track.


Stephen Morton
General Manager – Managing Editor (e-Travel Blackboard)

You’re going to get the low-down from Tony Cordato...a top gun lawyer from Cordato Partners who will answer every single legal question you can throw at him – so you’ll know exactly where you stand ...without a fear in the world.

Tony has pioneered option and instalment contracts in Australia and currently advises hundreds of clients on lease options and wraps every day.

He spends a lot of time keeping abreast of the trends, and changes in legislation for all the states and territories in Australia. And the best part is...he makes things super-simple to understand (everyone should have a lawyer like him in their life!)

Rick Otton
We Buy Houses


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